ACTION-Housing improves lives.  Whether it’s through our provision of affordable and supportive housing, or our supportive services programs, we invest in the people and communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

In just one year, ACTION-Housing:

  • Developed, managed, preserved, or facilitated 1,736 units of affordable family, senior, or special needs housing.
  • Invested $10,603,000- in programs and services for the region's most vulnerable populations.
  • Assisted 49 young people through our MyPlace program, which provides stable housing and life skills training to youth who have aged out of the foster care system, and are facing homelessness.
  • Provided mortgage assistance to 1,102 families who faced mortgage delinquency. This helped keep these people in their homes, and preserved neighborhood stability.
  • Matched $40,000 in savings through our Family Savings Account program, which matches funds saved by program enrollees to achieve important housing, education, or employment goals. Since the program’s inception in 2002, 416 people have graduated the Family Savings Account program.
  • Serviced 1,548 units of housing through our energy efficiency programs. 

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