ACTION-Housing would like to thank the following employees for their outstanding service to the agency and its clients: 

Emma Jean Lewis Outstanding Teamwork Award

Lyn HibbertLyn Hibbert has been with ACTION-Housing for 15 years. She’s an excellent leader and employee, as well as a true team player. Her coworkers describe her as a “role model.” Her job requires coordination between multiple internal departments, both Boards of Directors, and many outside agencies—a critical role which she does in exemplary fashion. But this doesn’t stop her from taking on extra duties and serving on multiple committees that benefit both the staff and our clients.

Lyn joined ACTION-Housing in May of 2000 as the senior accountant and became assistant controller in 2003.

Lyn assumed the role of controller in November of 2015.



The award presented to Lyn Hibbert was established by the Staff Development Committee in honor of Emma Jean Lewis, who served as an administrative assistant to the executive director from 1973 to 1989. Emma was one of the most loving, generous, and compassionate people to ever serve this organization. She was always there to provide comfort and encouragement to any staff member who ever faced a difficult problem and need a kind word or some sagely advice. Emma Lewis passed away on January 19, 2000.