Uptown Preservation

2000 block of Forbes and Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Status:  Construction Start:  Spring 2017

Program:  Single-family scattered site renovations and new construction; multi-family affordable rental

Total Development Cost:  $2.5-3.0 Million

Funding Partners: The R.K. Mellon Foundation, The Reinvestment Fund, The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Economic Development, The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Financing Authority, PNC Bank

Community Partners: Uptown Partners

Development Team: 4080 Architects, PW Campbell


The Uptown Preservation project is a three-phase development aimed at improving some of the worst properties in the Uptown neighborhood. The properties – at various stages of deterioration – were acquired by ACTION-Housing in 2015 after sitting vacant and abandoned for decades. The Uptown Preservation strategy is to build off of the existing strength of the neighborhood by concentrating and clustering our intervention in one of the most vulnerable areas of the neighborhood. By addressing the issues at scale through the remediation of the worst properties on the block, we believe the neighborhood will stabilize and allow for property appreciation, increased safety, and the opportunity for additional private investment.

The project consists of three main phases: 1) the gut renovation of two single-family homes for sale to owner-occupants with modest incomes, 2) the renovation of two structures to create nine affordable rental units, and 3) the new construction of between two and four new townhomes located on mid-block vacant lots. The acquisition of additional vacant lots on Forbes Avenue creates potential for an expanded third phase, dependent on demand.

The project is located in 2000 block of Forbes and Fifth Avenues in the Uptown neighborhood, between Oakland and downtown Pittsburgh. Its close proximity to Oakland and downtown Pittsburgh brings with it a wide variety of transit options and provides access to primary employment centers, cultural amenities, commercial districts, and other neighborhood amenities including parks, schools, restaurants, and local-serving businesses.