ACTION-Housing, Inc. Development

ACTION-Housing, Inc. has a long-standing history of real estate development designed to address emerging community needs, and serve the community’s most vulnerable populations.  Since 1985, ACTION-Housing has developed or assisted in the development of over 4,500 units of housing, both single family and multifamily, for the elderly, persons with disabilities, homeless, veterans, and working families.  Most of these units were created in collaboration with community-based partners, such as local development corporations and supportive service providers.

ACTION-Housing’s real estate development work begins by understanding the needs of our communities to ensure that our projects contribute to neighborhood stabilization and/or revitalization.  Concurrently, communities are often looking for opportunities to attract new residents, both renters and homeowners, and re-use existing buildings or empty lots to ensure the vitality of their neighborhoods.

It is at this juncture—blending the needs of the individual households with those of the community—where ACTION-Housing works best.  By leveraging financial resources, working with neighborhood-based organizations, engaging public and municipal authorities, working with leading architects, engineers and contractors to utilize cutting edge energy conservation measures, and designing for long-term affordability, ACTION-Housing is helping to create a region with vibrant communities that value diversity in all its dimensions.